A Month of Ice Cream // Affogato

Affogato love! I had never tried this until I walked into Timbertrain Coffee Roasters in Gastown and I fell in love. What a tasty treat! Breakfast, lunch or dessert, I really can't decide what it fits best. Creamy vanilla ice cream topped with a warm espresso shot which hardens over the ice-cream after a while. How delicious! 

There is something so great about just spending a couple hours in a coffee shop by yourself. I find it a great place to reflect, read and write. It is a good balance between being social and also having some healthy quiet time. 

Timbertrain is located in the heart of Gastown. This is such a beautiful part of the city to visit because it is filled with fun shops and boutiques and is surrounded by historic architecture. Gastown got its name from "Gassy" Jack - a Yorkshire seaman & steamboat captain who opened up the first saloon in the area. Such an interesting fact because Gastown is right by the water and often you can hear and see ships sail on by, I can just imagine the streets flooding with boat crews and sailors, loggers and fisherman. 

It is now a mix of hip shops and boutiques, lots of touristy shops, amazing restaurants and cool brick building apartment housing, such a fun part of town! 

vancouver ice cream amonthoficecream a month of blog-12.jpg

Ice cream and coffee, what an amazing combination! I think I could have this for breakfast on Monday, lunch on Tuesday, dinner on Wednesday, and dessert on Thursday.
Whatever it takes to get you to the weekend ;) 


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