DIY // 3 Ways to cut a tee

The three of us love to "customize" our clothes, especially when it comes to a good basic tee. There have been multiple times when my (Bethany) husband will ask me if I have seen a certain tee of his and I pull it out of my drawer cropped and covered in holes.... oopsies... I just can't resist a DIY sometimes. 
These are our 3 favourite fool-proof ways to cut a basic tee. We are using tee's from She Is Clothing, a local company here in Vancouver with a great message; She is purposeful, She is Honorable, She is Strong. 

// The Tie Up //
Step 1: Fold the tee in half
Step 2: Remove the bottom corner; start by cutting from the bottom corner on the folded side up at a 45 degree angle across to the other side of the tee. 
Step 3: Unfold the shirt and place it front side down on the table. 
Step 4: Remove the "triangle" from the backside of the shirt. Cut straight across at the top of the "triangle" being sure to only cut through the back layer. 
Step 5: Flip the shirt back over and cut a straight line up the center of the "triangle" until the tip of your scissors reach the bottom of the back layer. 

Once you put your shirt on tie the two pieces together as tight or loose as you like. 

// The Crop Top // 
Step 1: Fold the tee in half. 
Step 2: Pick the shortest and longest length that you would like your top to be. 
Step 3: Cut from the shortest point on the outer edge at a slight rounded angle towards the longer point on the folded edge. 
Step 4: Unfold your tee and run the cut edge along the inside edge of the scissors to get a distressed look. 

// The Simple Tank // 
Step 1: Start cutting halfway between the seam of the neck, and the seam of the sleeve. 
Step 2: Cut at a slight round angle towards the armpit seam. 
Repeat this step on the opposite side.