An Army of Hearts

This is our beautiful friend Alex Duncan. We are SO inspired by what she is doing. We had the great pleasure of her company over stories and lunch last week. She brought her adorable vintage suitcase full of hearts for us to photograph.

(Click here to watch her video and hear the story behind her campaign.)

It was such an honour to have Alex read her story to us. We all gathered around the couch in an elementary school fashion and within moments we were all in tears. She made this book for her dad. The pages are flooded with photographs of his family and friends holding hearts. The story is beautiful and whimsical and tells a story of hope, support, and courage. A story everyone can relate to. Alex is raising money to have the book illustrated and printed. She described some of her ideas for the illustrations and we can't wait to see this story book of love overcoming fear come to life.

Check out Alex's Indiegogo campaign here. There are a lot of amazing perks, (of course you can pre-order the book!) but we're super excited about the handcrafted silver bracelets, they're a work of art and a pretty token I'd gladly wear in support of An Army of Hearts.

An Army of Hearts-3.jpg
An Army of Hearts-4-2.jpg