Ilia Lipstick Comparison

lipstick comparison ilia beauty ecodiva summer neon pink

All of us are fans of fun bright lipstick colours and that can be hard to find with all natural lipsticks and glosses. But we tried out some of the Ilia colours from the oh-so-sweet Garcy over at EcoDiva and we are loving these bright summer shades! They are vibrant, organic, and natural. It's nice to feel good about what your putting on your face. 

Tell us below, What's your go to lip colour this season?

p.s. thanks for the pretty lipstick illustration Briana, check out her amazing work here >>

I am LOVING neon this Summer. Despite the fact that I don't look completely convinced in this photo ;) I've been searching all over for a good neon pink and orange lipstick, and I'm loving this pink, it's bright with a little bit of shine. I'm loving it. Purchase Neon Angel Here

What I love most about this ilia lipstick is how it is in a twistable crayon style stick! It is fun to apply and stays clean in its packaging. Lately I have been venturing out into wearing more bright shades of lipstick because, well, its fun! Purchase Karma Chameleon here

I haven't worn gloss in years and usually it wouldn't be my first pick, but I really loved this one! It is thick and stay true to the colour in the bottle which is what I like about it. Normally I feel like most glosses end up looking pretty sheer but this one kept it's fun bright purple hue the whole time I had it on. Purchase Back to Life Here