Centennial Beach Party // How Water Inspired Our Summers

For each of us, the beach is our favourite place to escape, reflect, relax and reset. Tsawwassen’s Centennial Beach Park is SO much fun. The water is a bit muddy, so it isn't the best for swimming (unless you go far). But the beach is huge! There are beautiful driftwood huts and this is the best place to go if you want to have a beach fire with a big group of friends (it's never too busy). In honor of our month of beaches, we're going to each share our favourite memory and our must-have beach bag item!

Tegan // The first time I went to Cabo San Lucas with a friend, we were told about this private beach that we had to visit. You have to take a boat and get dropped off there because it’s a tiny island about a mile off of the coast. It was a little bit sketchy, and the boat driver didn't speak amazing English. But the ride was magical, all crystal blue water and amazing cliffs. We get to this little beach and the driver tells us we need to get off of the boat. Well, huge waves crash on the beach and and when they recede you’re supposed to jump about 5 feet, from the boat to the ground. So he pulled in as close as he could, but we had to wait for the wave to go out before we could jump. Well we jump, and in comes this massssssssive wave. It was painful (and I really regret having so many non-water-resistant things in my bag). Oops! Sorry destroyed iPod and camera! I've destroyed way too many cameras at the beach, so bring a waterproof disposable. It won't get ruined, and you can take fun underwater photos!

Lindsay // The most amazing beach experience I have ever had was on the northern island of New Zealand. It has the most amazing beaches, and the coastline just floods with dreamy landscapes. There’s a beach called 90 Mile Beach that allows you to drive your vehicle on the sand. It was incredible: Windows down, music blaring and the wind in our hair . . . a recipe for a magical experience. There’s also a beach called Crystal Cove which has huge rock arches and a beautiful sandy beach. It’s stunning. This beach was where they filmed bits of the Narnia movies! Dreamy.

Bethany // I have a ton of amazing memories on the beach, but one that stands out was about three years ago when I was on tour with my husband’s band. We ended up in Pensacola, Florida, where we rented a boat for the day and headed out to an abandoned island. It was covered in white sand with old twisted docks and an abandoned house in the middle of the island. After spending a month in a van full of boys, there’s no better feeling than running through the sand, feeling the warm sun and jumping off a boat. I kept a few shells from that island and they still bring back such happy memories whenever I come across them.

here's a little behind the scenes from our day at the beach! 

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