Make Up Tutorial // Making your lipstick last

I'm a big fan of bright lipstick, and obviously a big fan of it lasting! So as a long time lipstick wearer, of all the tips that I've tried these are my favourite for making your lipstick last through the day. This isn't going to withstand a big greasy burger or ice cream cone, but for the most part it should stay put with regular wear. 

Step 1: Moisturize and exfoliate. You can buy lip exfoliants, but I find that applying lip balm (my favourite is Burt's Bees) and then rubbing your lips with your finger in a circular motion does the trick of removing dead skin and getting them nice and moisturized.  Do this step at the beginning of getting ready or when you first wake up so that your lips have time to absorb the balm. 

Step 2: Once you have let your lip balm absorb you are going to apply a concealer. My favourite is MAC Paint Pot Painterly, yes, I am well aware this is made for your eyes... But, It's still my favourite. It's thick, Matte, and lasts way longer than any concealer I have used. This creates a blank canvas for your lipstick. 

Step 3: Apply lipstick (I am using MAC Candy-Yum-Yum), smack your lips together. Don't rub them together. I think that rubbing just makes them look messy, sort of like you just finished making out with someone. 

Step 4: Bloat on tissue, until excess lipstick stops showing on the tissue. Now your lipstick is set.