A Month Of Weddings // DIY Bouquet

Flowers are something that can really set back a bride. It is something worth spending your money on because it can add A LOT of unnecessary stress. I (Tegan) did my own flowers for my wedding, my mom and a few friends had experience so we made a night of it a few days before the wedding. We put together the bouquets and arranged the centrepieces. It was a lot of fun, but we had to be pretty easy going with what flowers we wanted. I wasn't too picky so we did a little bit of shopping around and looked up which flowers would be in season close to the wedding and we ordered them ahead of time from a few different florists, and some from Costco.

All of the instructions for putting together your bouquet are layed out pretty easy in the video below! But I will write them out for you as well. 

  • First you want to prep your flowers, you can lay them all out and rip off all of the leaves and thorns from the stems.
  • Figure out how many flowers you want for your bouquet, start from the centre with an odd number of flowers, usually 3, but we did 1 and added greenery around it. 
  • with each layer you add, arrange it how you want it to be and then tape it well! 
  • after the first layer, arrange the next set of flowers, another odd number, 5 or 7 should be perfect. 
  • tape it tightly in place with floral tape. 
  • you can a layer of greenery, or add more flowers (again in odd numbers!)

- the best thing is, if you have beautiful flowers, and if you take your time they will look beautiful! Before you commit to taping them together, arrange them in a vase how you want the bouquet to look, and then start from the centre and build around that. 

- Put your bouquet together 2 days before, and give your flowers some time to fully open up. After you are finished building your bouquet, give them a bit of a trim, but don't trim them as short as you want them for the wedding until the day of.

-when wrapping the base of your bouquet, you can be creative, use ribbon, rope, or washi tape! When using ribbon start at the middle, wrap it high enough to cover the washi tape and then work your way down, once you've reached the length you want it, work your way up again and pin in place!

-it's fun to play around with different shorter stemmed flowers or succulents, stick them in a flower water tube so they stay hydrated!

If you have any other tips please post them in the comments below! I definitely don't claim to be a pro, just a few things I've picked up along the way of working with a florist and doing my own flowers at my wedding! -Tegan