Update Post // Tumblr Questions

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We've recently hopped back on the tumblr train and have been posting photos from the blog and meeting some lovely people through it! We have a lot of readers asking us questions so we thought we would post a few of the most frequently asked questions here! Follow us on tumblr here >>

How did you learn your tutorials? Most of our tutorials and DIY projects we learned from just trying different things out over the years. We each have always been creative with our hair, and with Bethany's hair school knowledge, the hair tutorials come naturally for us. We all have homes that we have done lots of DIY projects for and learned a thing or two from them. We have all grown up being really creative with our surroundings and have crafty moms which helped our brains think that way!

Can I request/submit tutorials? Absolutely! We love your comments and questions. If you have any tutorials you want to see or DIY ideas shoot them our way! (shopkalos@gmail.com)

Can I post your DIY or recipe photos on my blog? Yes, as long as the proper credit and a link to the original blog post is given. We put a lot of time and effort into our blog posts! Yesterday we found one of our most pinned photos with the original link going to someone else's blog. They used all of our photos and instructions and there was no credit. We're happy to let you share our photos on your blog but please be respectful and share where you got it from!