Spring Florals // Lindsay

Vancouver is covered with blooming flowers, I am always so surprised at how many there are just scattered along the sidewalks in the neighbourhood. There are trees filled with pink flowers that hover over the bike lane, shading the path perfectly! They have painted the city quite wonderfully. We happened upon these pink flowers that matched my top just around the corner from Tegan and my apartment (I just found a place in the same building as Tegan, can you believe it? Dream come true! It has made our lives so much easier, and it is SO much fun)

This top I am wearing was my Grandmothers! She always had the brightest clothing and everything matched, along with her outrageous jewelry and brightly bedazzled heels. Of course, this top had a matching skirt, and I imagine without a doubt she had hot pink heels to go with it. It is so cool when you can have something of your Grandparents that comes back into style. I am sure she would love to see it getting some use, especially around these bright  and beautiful flowers. I sure do miss her, but it is great to know she passed along some of her stylish goods. ;)