Coffee Mail


I love coffee. I've had lots of different experiences with it and have so many different types of appreciation for it. So, bare with me while I talk about COFFEE! 

For me, it all started when Dan and I were dating, he managed a cafe in White Rock called Small Ritual, they used JJ Bean coffee and I learned all about the french press. He was being trained every week by a coffee connoisseur who taught him SO much about coffee. So, naturally, his knowledge was regularly spewed onto me and I started to open up a little bit to this wonderful world of coffee. We drank a ton of french press and started to appreciate FRESH coffee! 

After that experience, we went to Australia for a year, boy, they make really good coffee. We became obsessed with flat whites and couldn't go a day without one. Even when we were on a verrrry tight budget on our road trip across the land of Oz, you better believe we fit them into our $10-a-day food budget ;) We had the hardest time leaving Melbourne because our few weeks there were spent galavanting from one award winning cafe to the next. They do espresso so well. 

Then we moved to Vancouver, and I discovered the Chemex, I didn't understand this pretty thing until our friend Andrew showed us the light! In December we did a month of coffee and I really learned a lot. I drank my first cup of pour over coffee, black, and I liked it? It was like a whole new world opened up to me.

Since doing our coffee series, it's been so much fun learning about different brew methods. This Kone Brewing System from Able is a dream, and not just because it's the prettiest thing that's ever happened to coffee! I've used it almost every day since I got it but really discovered it's potential when I used it with really tasty, fresh beans. Thanks to Coffee Mail! They dropped off a bag of beans for us to try out and boy was it good. Their roast is my ideal flavour, not too dark, a bit sweet, and so good black. Ever since I heard about this business launching I was so excited. I love the concept, and the couple behind it is amazing and so inspiring. If you live in the lower mainland I highly recommend you give Coffee Mail a try!

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