Ikea Hacks: 3 Easy steps to Create your own Ikea Coffee Table

What you need to create your own Ikea Hack Coffee Table 

We were so excited to renovate our studio and create this Ikea Hack Coffee Table. We used old wood from the outside barn, as well as a classic white Lack coffee table from Ikea. All you need other than that is a nailgun. This is the perfect DIY for your living room, and can have so much fun with different wood stains, to make your coffee table unique to your space. 

3 Steps to Create your Ikea Hack Coffee Table:  

Here are the 3 steps you need to create your own Ikea Hack Coffee Table, Good Luck! 

Step One: Cut and measure your wood so it fits evenly across the Lack Ikea Table and place evenly across the top of it. 

Step Two: Use a nail gun and or a drill, and secure the wood onto the top of the table. If you'd rather not show the nails, buy a wood glue from your nearest Hardware Store and secure it by using it and letting it dry overnight. 

Step Three: Assemble the Legs on the Lack Table. Use the Ikea instruction manual that is provided with the Lack Table. Use any stains or paint to customize your Ikea Coffee table to be exactly the way you want it for your space. 

We're so excited to finally have a coffee table in the studio! This has been one project we've been wanting to do ever since we finished our studio! We wanted something simple, pretty and cheap. We bought the Ikea Lack coffee table, and used reclaimed wood for the top. You can follow the instructions in the video above! This is a super easy tutorial, all you need is a drill and screws!

We did our first Ikea hack post back in November and loved seeing your feedback photos on instagram. If you have any favourite Ikea hacks or end up giving this one a try make sure you tag us in your photo!