Make Up Tutorial // Applying Bronzer

I love to have a tan, anytime that the sun is out you can believe that I am too. I'll bring whatever I'm doing outside... my laptop, laundry, chopping veggies, just give me the sun! But living in Vancouver that is more of a rare occasion, so when I don't see the sun for a while I have no problem faking it ;) This is a simple tutorial on where to apply bronzer for a glowy summery look. 

I always start with a liquid foundation under my bronzer because it helps keep it on all day long and gives me a "blank canvas" to start with. My current favourite foundation found here. And my long time favourite bronzer found here

  • Apply to the bottom of the cheek bones, making a line to contour. 
  • Top of your forehead. Think where the sun would hit when your outside.
  • Temples. Connect the bronzer from the cheeks to forehead. 
  • Bridge of your nose.
  • Shade your jaw line. 
  • Blend into your neck.

I like to add a highlighter to get that glowy, dewy look. I apply it to the bridge of my nose,  apples of my cheeks, and center of my forehead.