Update // Happy June!

Bethany //
Best Summer vacation spot:
Well, I mean naturally I would say Hawaii... except I have never actually been in the summer. Every summer we head up to the Okanagan. It is about 4 hours east from Vancouver, BC, and it is beautiful, hot, and it's where my husband grew up. His parents run a summer camp there so heading up in the summer is great. We get to spend time down at the camp with tons of people, go out on the lake, and just spend our days laying on the beach and going to campfire at night. I really love it. 

Favourite Beach: Hanalei Bay in Kauai. On our honeymoon we spent most of our time in the private area just a swim away from the main town. Its was so perfect, we dream about it all the time. 

Refreshing Drink: I am all about the club soda. Lately I've been mixing it with pureed fruit and a honey simple syrup. mmm. 

I can't wait to wear: Shorts and barefeet! All summer long :)

Go-to snack: Frozen Grapes. 

Lindsay //
Best Summer vacation spot:  I have to say that as soon as summer rolls around I have this aching in me to go to California! Maybe because as a kid my family would go there every other year to visit my Grandma. My favourite part about the road trip (always in our little minivan) was when driving through the desert, seeing the first windmill. Every time we drove through the hills of giant white windmills my parents would put on the Lion King theme song. California just has so many good memories attached from the excitement of Disneyland to the simplicity of picking fresh blood oranges off the tree. 

Favourite Beach: The most amazing beach I have ever been to has to be 90 mile beach in New Zealand. It is at the tip of the North Island, and it is incredibly beautiful. You are able to drive your vehicle on the sand! It was such a cool experience, there has been no beach experience quite like it. Close by the beach we came across the giant sand dunes out of nowhere! All of the sudden we felt like we were in a desert with these rolling sand hills. It was incredible. 

Refreshing Drink: Pure watermelon juice! I first tried this in China a couple years ago and it is the only time I have ever had it. I need to make some this summer! 

I can't wait to wear: T-shirt dresses! I am on the search for baggy comfy dresses that I can just wear every day, all summer long. 

Go-to snack: Chips & guacamole ! I could eat this everyday. I also am starting to realize my intense love for peaches, which is sort of hilarious because my roommate is allergic, yikes! 

Tegan //
Best Summer vacation spot:
Anywhere in California. My grandparents used to live in California, so growing up our family would often spend our Summer vacations piling into our mini-van and taking a few days to drive down and visit them. I have so many different memories and experiences in California, it feels the most like Summer when I am there. (and I'm flying there in 2 days, YAY!)

Favourite Beach: It's just north of Sydney, Australia, called Budgewoi. I think it is my favourite ever beach memory as well, we literally stumbled upon it. We were making our way along the coast, with only our map book, and all we knew was that we were heading north. We would sort of know where we were, but following the map was sometimes tricky! It was smoking hot, and we were driving down the long winding coastal hwy. We would keep passing little dirt roads to the east of us that went up a ridge, and we finally decided to stop and see what was on the other side of the hill. When we walked up the long sandy path lined with tall grass we finally make it to the top and are suddenly at the most beautiful beach. Miles and miles of squeeky white sand and crystal blue water and not a person in sight. It was like a dream.

Refreshing Drink: Coconut water, I've recently become addicted. 

I can't wait to wear: Dresses, birks, and sunnies (I need a good pair, any suggestions?)

Go-to snack: Homemade popsicles! I just started making them with greek yoghurt and fruit, such a yummy snack.