Waffle Iron Hashbrowns // Food Hack


If you've been on Pinterest at all you've seen a photo of this already! As soon as we started brainstorming breakfast recipes for this month we all wanted to try this one! We definitely can't take any credit for it and if you search it in Pinterest there are so many you'll find! What we can say about it though is that it is SO good! We were amazed at how easy and delicious it was, I've even made it a few times since with a poached egg on top, so good. We definitely think you should give these a try!

Turn waffle iron onto high and take out a few handfuls of frozen tater-tots. Once the iron is ready to go, put a layer of them on the grill and close it tightly. After a few minutes, put on another layer and close it tightly. Let them cook for about 10 minutes until they're crispy and formed together.