Weekly Update // 10 Facts

The lovely ladies of Feel & Flourish asked us to share 10 facts about us, so here you go! A few silly things to let you in on a few random and strange things to let you know us better!
Check out their 10 random facts here >>

Bethany //

  • I only like coffee iced.
  • Poppy was "Made in Chicago"
  • I'm really afraid of the dark.
  • My sister and I had a dog walking business as kids called "woof woof walkers". She walked the dogs and I had to stay back at the "office", because obviously the phone was ringing off the hook.
  • I am obsessed with changing my hair. I haven't done anything in 6 months and that's probably the longest since I was 13.

  • I am a terrible singer. No one will deny it.

  • My dog is named after Sid from Toy Story.

  • I eat an obscene amount of avocado.

  • I cry at everything since giving birth.

  • I love reality tv. I have seen every Kardashian episode too many times, from spoiled rich girls to people drink windex... I love it all! 

Lindsay //

  • If I am ever sad, 5 cent candies cheer me up most.
  • Also the song "Rose Garden" by Shad brings the biggest smile to my face at all times. Life gets 90% better by hearing that song.
  • I used to HATE seagulls, but ever since my friend said "They remind me that I'm close to the sea" I have a new love and appreciation for them. Maybe more the idea of them.
  • Cauliflower and cheese sauce is my favourite food.
  • I recently moved, and during the move I accidentally threw out a bag of all my underwear. (YA, it sucked...but i got to go shopppppinngggg). 
  • Sometimes I try to make food from scratch and it ALWAYS fails miserably. 
  • I streaked my hair with orange and blonde when I was in middle school so that I would look like a tiger.
  • All the rings I wear on my fingers are very sentimental. 
  • I love N64, and talk about it a lot.
  • I have always wanted to create leather boots, but until then I have been obsessed with Oliver Clark NYC shoes.

Tegan // 

  • I'm 25
  • My favourite food is cheeseburgers.
  • I looove plants. When Dan and I first got married I really didn't care for them and he wanted our apartment full of them, last year as soon as the succulent trend began I guess my eyes were open to them and I've become obsessed. Lately I've been loving big green leafy ones, but I've really grown to love them past the whole "trend." I love repotting and watering them and propagating watching them grow, it's become a fun little hobby for me.
  • I think about California all the time, also Perth.
  • I love to bake pies! Especially in the Summer time with fresh farmers market fruit, so much fun. 
  • I looove to sing. Singing with Dan is my favourite. 
  •  According to Dan, I'm insanely good at Mario Kart. I take this as a huge compliment.
  • I can quote almost all of "Holiday in the Sun."
  • I live for the Summer time. Too hot is way better than being cold. Being cold is a huge pet peeve, bring on 40 degree weather any day. 
  • I would wear stripes every day if I could. If I owned enough striped shirts that is, I'm really into them lately!