A Month of Breakfast

Get ready for a month of mouth watering recipes! We are so excited to share with you A Month of Breakfast because it happens to be all of our favourite meal! 

We will share with you some of the best breakfast places to go in Vancouver for food, snacks & smoothies. There will be loads of recipes and fun times around the table in the slow hours of the early morning (the best moments of day in my opinion).

Although I find it hard to get out of bed, I know that those precious moments where the first light of the day comes in through the window, are cherished moments that I too often let slip away. The clock seems to slow down before people roam the streets and cars start their journey around the city. 

Lately we have been gathering some of our friends together and we have made a plan to have breakfast together once a week! It is such a great decision. We have only done it twice and both times were so happy and full of laughter. Definitely a tradition worth keeping. I encourage you to try to do this with your friends/family! 

Please join us as we focus this month on these lovely mornings, and let us all start our days off right together!

What is your favourite breakfast meal? 
Are you a morning person?
Do you have any special morning traditions? 


PS. Throwback to this Coffee Conversations last year in Tegan's kitchen! You can find the recipe for the Rosemary Yam & Squash hash browns here! This post sparked the idea to do a month full of breakfast foods.