A Month of Adventure // Travel the world

We love mapping out adventures. It's so fun after going on a big road trip, or touring across the country to look back and see how far you went and reminisce about all the different people and places you saw. We thought it would be fun to make our own map, grab some string and talk about some of our favourite adventures of past!  

We designed this simple patterned world map and it's free to download here > T&T MAP 
Print one out yourself and show us where you've been! 

Thanks to the fantastic ladies of Anewall for printing this out for us.

Bethany // 

Kauai - I grew up going on family vacations to Hawaii every few years, and I always loved it. But I have recently falllllennn in love with Hawaii. David and I went to Kauai for our honeymoon and it was sooo beautiful. It is called the "garden island," it's where most tropical movies are filmed like Jurassic Park, King Kong, Gilligan's Island... and it totally felt like that to me. There were so many beaches where you could go and be totally secluded. Our dream is so to be able to move to Hawaii and live on the beach, I know everyone would like to live on a beach but it's seriously our happy place! 

My favourite place we found while we were there was called the Queens Bath. It is a natural pool in the lava rock down the side of a cliff. The waves from the ocean come crashing in and you can jump off the rocks into this warm pool. It's a dream.

Chicago - I visited Chicago with my family when I was in high school, and David and I have stopped there a couple times while on tour with his band. I have grown to really love it. It's such a clean, and fun city. On this last trip we visited an area called wicker park which was awesome, so many vintage stores and donut shops. If you visit Chicago you must go to Big Star Tacos. Man, we are obsessed with those things. 

Paris - I haven't been to Europe since I was 12, my family went for spring break, but I have the greatest memories of it. Such an amazing city, there is a reason everyone is in love with Paris. I would love to spend a year there in an apartment. We would spend our days being tourists walking and exploring the city, and obviously spend our evenings drinking wine on restaurant patios and picnic blankets. 

Lindsay // 

Norway: Two summers ago I went on the most incredible backpacking trip to Europe with my friend Elaine. We spent a month tromping all around Europe, going on plenty of crazy adventures, and meeting the most amazing people. One of my favourite places we visited was Norway. We stayed with one of my best friends Kir in Bergen, and met up with Elaine's extended family whom she had never met in Kristiansand. We had such a magical time. Norway is beautiful. Such amazing people, beautiful roads and the cutest houses. I felt like I was in a storybook town everywhere we went. I would love to go back there again soon.

Shanghai: This was the place where I have had some of the craziest experiences of my life. My band went on a tour with a fashion/music festival to China and travelled in 5 different major cities. We opened up the fashion shows by playing a few songs on the runway. We saw so many amazing sights, visited the pandas, and tried all the candy China had to offer. There were many hiccups on the trip including our synth blowing a fuse on the first day, and.. oh yeah.. my bandmate going to prison. Lots of ups and downs and stories to tell the grandchildren. 

New Zealand: Soon after I graduated I moved to NZ for 6 months to attend Capernwray Bible School. It was the longest I had ever been away from my family and I sure grew as a person. I learned so much at school, but mainly through the relationships I built. My friend Claire and I borrowed a car and drove for 3 weeks around the entire Northern Island, and it was the most beautiful place. If you drive to the tip of the island there is a place called "90 mile beach" where you can drive your vehicle on the sand. Magical times. A few miles from there is a place called Cape Reinga which is at the tip of the North Island, a rolling path that leads to a beautiful white lighthouse. We watched the sunset, slept in our car, and then ate cadbury cream eggs while we watched the sunrise that morning. From morning tea, to afternoon and evening tea, the days were always full of some sort of calm demeanour. It is a lovely, lovely place. 

Guatemala: This was my first big trip! At the high school I went to, every grade 11 class went on a big trip to either Japan or Guatemala (Tegan chose Japan, see below!) I chose Guatemala because all my brothers and sisters had gone to Japan, so really, I just wanted a new and different experience than them. It was my first big trip away from my family and boy, my eyes were sure opened. It was my first "culture shock" experience. I stayed in a home where I literally washed my body with wet wipes because I was afraid that the wires in the shower would electrocute me. In the morning I would pretend to eat my cereal because the Mom poured milk in my bowl that had been sitting out on the shelf, and in the night I was terrified to sleep because I thought there were gunshots outside my window (which happened to be celebratory fireworks). I was taught that life around the world looked a lot different than my own, and just because people didn't live like I did, didn't mean it wasn't complete and beautiful in its own way. 


Tegan //

Nagoya: In grade 11 my class went to Japan for 2 weeks. It was such an amazing experience! Looking back I feel like I was so young and didn't really appreciate it for all it was. My favourite memories are visiting some of the most elaborate, massive temples, karaoke in downtown Nagoya, and driving through the beautiful, lush rolling hills and rice fields while driving from a small village we stayed in! I learned a lot from that experience. One major highlight for me was for the first few nights we stayed with different families in a really small town (I wish i could remember the name!) It was really weird culture shock for me staying with a family that spoke zero english. We tried so hard to have conversations using the little translator books they gave us, but it was hard! I had the best yaki soba of my life the first night, we all sat outside as they cooked it on a grill in the warm humid air while our new friends taught us how to make origami!

Mexico: I've been to Mexico a few times, twice with my long time bestie Kelli, so much fun. If you haven't gone on an warm, beachy trip with friends, I highly recommend it, it's a blast. Dan and I stayed in Playa del Carmen on our honeymoon, an all inclusive 2 weeks vacation. If you need a relaxing trip this is the spot, your biggest worry is what drink to have next and hoping you don't eat too much guacamole. I've been dreaming of the day we can go back and dip our toes in the crazy warm Caribbean ocean, the water is SO blue. It's seriously a dream. 

Perth: I feel like I've probably talked way too much about Perth on here, but if there's one adventure I'll talk about forever it's this one. A year living in a totally different country with Dan, it really was the best. We met so many amazing people, saw the most stunning landscapes, and grew and learned so much about each other and ourselves. I miss all of our family there, the coffee, marvellous creations, the beach, the sun, Little Creatures, and cherry ripes. Dreaming of the day we go back!