Travel Fund // DIY

This is such an elementary DIY but it is still really fun to do! We designed these templates for you and they're free to download. Make your own travel fund and put away those nickels for a little extra vacation money. 


Tegan // I always love the idea of having somewhere to throw spare change into, because it always adds up faster than I expect it to!  I put mine in my front hallway and Dan and I have been putting spare cash into it to have a little extra spending money in Palm Desert next month, California shopping is the best!

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Bethany // I'm saving up to go to California this summer! I've only ever just stopped over there for the night, and been to Disneyland.. so I haven't exactly experienced the true Cali vibes. I would love to drive down with David and Poppy and just spend time on the beach, and go longboarding. Whenever we meet people from California we always ask what the best time to go would be, so let loose, please tell me all your California tips and favourite places.

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Lindsay // It is so hard for me to save money! It seems like whenever I have any change or bills lying around they seem to disappear SO fast. Keeping my money in a jar that has a small opening (not big enough for my hand) is perfect, haha! It keeps my money safe from myself and I just throw my tips in there at the end of the day. It is a perfect and easy way to save, I am always surprised at how fast loose change adds up! Next trip I have planned is to the moon! (JK, I wish! ) I am heading to Palm Desert for a relaxing vacation where I can slow life down a bit, sit by the pool, and relax. Its been years! 

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