Weekly Update // Let's talk spring

Yesterday was the first time I had felt the sun since it's warmth left us last September, it was GLORIOUS! We had a studio day yesterday and were just basking in the warmth of the sun with the door left open and birds chirping away. Did lots of driving in the afternoon with windows rolled down, it was a really great day. I always have the struggle with talking about weather, working at a cafe I'm making lots of small talk all day and try my best to not talk about the weather, but something I have realized lately is us Vancouverites are SO affected by the weather! Anyway, here I am talking about the weather. It makes me happy, and it is one of the many things I adore about Vancouver, it's changing seasons. This April is off to a good start, I am also cutting back a day of work which makes me very relieved, and excited to have more time to enjoy the sunny days ahead!


I am SO excited that it is spring time, and that it is actually starting to feel like it around here! These warm(ish) sunny days put me in the greatest mood!! We've been going to the beach, having picnics, eating dinner on the patio (we're usually shivering by the end but we're pretty anxious for summer over here). It was about a year ago now that I got a longboard and started learning to keep up with David.... and then a few weeks after I started learning and had gotten super excited for a summer full of longboarding I realized that I was preggers! So now that my body is allll mine again we've pulled the longboards out and I'm trying to learn again. I really love going out on sunny afternoons around the neighbourhood with David, it's so fun to have a hobby together and have a reason to spend so much time outside (not that we need one). The other day we tried pushing the stroller while longboarding but with a little speed the wheels started shaking and squeaking so we scratched out that idea pretty quickly. We'll just have to wait for this bad boy to come into production. So now this year.. Heres to a spring of longboarding! 


Spring has sprung!! It is so funny how dramatic the weather is here in Vancouver. We have one sunny day and then all of a sudden it feels like everyone has shifted to Spring mode, including myself (If It starts to rain I might cry). I felt the sun's warmth for the first time yesterday in such a long time, It is almost as if I had completely forgotten the feeling. Yesterday I moved out of a house I had been living in for a year! It was a pretty crazy time, and with the dramatic shift in weather it just feels like a completely new season for me in many areas of my life. My friend Elaine and I are going to be living in a friends basement for a month, saving money, and then finding a home in May. This week feels so good compared to last week! If you read back to our update, I felt super overwhelmed and just busy. Time seems to be moving by slower and things are looking bright.