A Month of Adventure // Lanterns


This was SO much fun! Probably more fun looking back on it than it actually was (to be honest!) If you ever decide to have a magical evening releasing these lanterns to float away into the night sky, I recommend bringing a lighter that works and a few people with you. This was actually a hilarious night. I feel like we could put this post up and say everything went exactly as planned and we had a perfect evening enjoying a few floating lanterns drifting away, but that's not fullllly true. 

That being said, it actually was so magical watching the lantern fill up with air and feel it slowly start to drift out of your fingers as it gained more and more momentum. It was the most beautiful evening, we were left with a perfect sunset and it wasn't too cold for an April evening. The best part about doing things with friends is that even when things don't always go as planned, you still have a fun time. They are usually the most memorable times too. 

Hope you all have a relaxing long weekend!

Here's a video our little adventure at Crescent Beach! You can buy these lanterns here >