Hello! A Little Update...


Lindsay //
Something New:
 I have been living in my house with three other girls for almost a year now, and at the end of this month we are all moving out. It is definitely a bitter-sweet time. It has always been a dream of mine to live in a big house with a few of my gals, and I have so gratefully been able to live that dream. Change is good, new is good, so it is something I am also looking forward to!

Something I'm Looking Forward To: Well, that brought me to this question rather nicely, I have decided to "couch surf" for a month (hey friends, and... Mom/Dad...) to save money to go on a cross-Canada road trip with my friend Elaine. We plan to go to Montreal, Toronto, and hopefully New York. There is something about the East Coast of Canada that just grabs my heart. I drove there a couple times on tour 2 years ago, and ever since I have wanted to return. Such a beautiful time, a beautiful place. 

Something I'm Eating: A couple weeks ago I was feeling a bit sick and telling Tegan all of the food I ate that day. I was horrified as I listed off the chocolate croissant, muffin, and 4 donuts. Tegan suggested we both try going off sugar for a month and immediately I said "no, theres no way, impossible, I can't do that". If you know me, I usually happen to have candy in my pockets, backpack, and chocolate bars lying around. I love candy, I love sugar. It took Tegan about 20 minutes of trying to convince me it is a good decision that I finally came to the realization it is, in fact a great idea. It made me realize just HOW MUCH sugar I was putting into my body every day, and how unnecessary it was. If you are a sugar monster like me, I would encourage you to try it! I bet you will be surprised at just how much you are putting inside you. It is all about balance. I am excited to start eating sugar here and there in a couple weeks but WOW, my eyes have really been opened. It has caused me to be a lot more creative with the sweet foods like fruit, dates, and foods with more natural sweetness. The other night I fried up some apples and pears with cinnamon! It was so tasty.

Something I'm Listening To: Lately I have been loving a band called "Little Joy,"  they're a Brazillian/US band with the drummer from the Strokes! Really great, happy music that makes me dream of being on the beach in the sun. (Perfect mind-getaway for this moody Vancouver weather).


Bethany //
Something New:
That little person ^ I actually don't think that I've talked on the blog yet about little Poppy Darling... She is 6 weeks now and it's been so fun! We've been tired and overwhelmed at times, but still wonderful. There is something new every single day, it's crazy how quickly she is changing and learning. I'm so excited that now she is starting to interact with us and enjoy when we "play" with her! I've been sharing more of our life with this new addition on my personal blog thisonesforyoublog.com.

Something I'm Looking Forward To: We're going to Arizona in April and I'm soooo excited! I have been craving the sun so bad, I cannot wait to take Poppy on her first trip and just lay by the pool drinking everything fruity and blended! 

Something I'm Eating: So many smoothies and salads. I don't know if I have made any other meal since Poppy has been born. Every day its spinach, ginger, blueberries, banana, & lemon. Have any other healthy smoothie suggestions for me?

Something I'm Listening To: We finally got a new needle for our record player and my favourite of our albums is Paul Simon, Graceland. Whenever Poppy is fussy loud music helps her settle and fall asleep. So If we're in the family room I just turn on the record player, so I'm listening to this album quite a few times a day. I currently have Poppy strapped on my chest and I'm bouncing to Graceland as I type this haha. 


Tegan //
Something New:
A week ago I chopped my hair off! This is definitely the most exciting thing that has happened to me all year. I watched the movie "I Give It A Year" and the whole time I was just dreaming of having her blunt bob! A few days later I got the cut and I'm so happy I did, I love it! Other than new hair, I have been working a lot. Life feels a little bit dull somedays when I forget the big picture of what I'm working towards, so for now I just have to remember it's only for a season and I just keep dreaming of the day I can be laying on a beach with a mojito in hand! 

Something I'm Looking Forward To: This weekend is my husbands launch of his recording studio! So exciting! I have hardly seen Dan much these last two months because he has just been working his butt off, I don't think he's taken a day off this year, he's been so motivated to just get it done so he can start reaping in the benefits of a beautiful and functional work space. I'm pretty proud of what he and the other members of this shared space have accomplished. It looks amazing and I can't wait for it to be finished so life can get back to a bit of a normal rhythm again. I've been working on a website that's almost finished, but for now this is The Space instagram >>

Something I'm Eating: Like Lindsay said, I can certainly tell you what I have not been eating! It has been so good, I've made some amazing sugar-free recipes that have really helped me form some great new habits of eating way less bad sugar! This homemade chocolate recipe has also saved me, I've had a few friends make it too and suggested adding peanut butter, or ginger as well! yum, I need to make some more, I'm almost through my last batch! Oh, and another thing I've been making is a super easy bread recipe I discovered through Bleubird blog. I have a loaf rising in my kitchen right now, and it's crazy how easy and delicious it is! It's pretty dangerous because it's hard to not eat the entire fresh loaf in one sitting!

Something I'm Listening To: Either I'm listening to Sister Brother, London Grammar, or Lorde.