A Month of Beer // 33 Acres Brewing Co.


Last week Lindsay and I got the chance to spend some quality time in 33 Acres, and let me tell you, it sure was fun! We got to have a little private before-hours tour, and not only did we learn a ton about the brewing process, it confirmed my suspicion that this brewery really is one of the coolest places in Vancouver. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, bright, simple, and beautiful, the owner, and all of the staff are super helpful, and incredibly kind! 

33 Acres just launched their brewery tour program, taking up to 16 people on a behind the scenes tour of the brewery. We got to have a little taste of the tour, being welcomed by Dustin as we walked through the beautiful big glass doors on the bright sunny Tuesday morning, he poured us our first tasting of the 33 Acres of Life, the hoppy California Common. Delicious. We took our drinks and went into the back room. It's big and open, dozens of hanging lights and beautiful beams of restored wood. We learned about the birth of Waffle Weekend and the story behind this beautiful hunk of a table (photo below)! We can't help but admire all the details and the work put in, mostly by Josh himself, it really is quite impressive. After talking to Josh a while, you will learn that he is incredible humble and down to earth. After years of working for people, he longed for a place of his own that he could create and have everything, down to the detail and function, just as he wanted. As soon as you walk through the doors of 33 acres, you will see how ascetically pleasing the room is, and how intentional everything was kindly placed.


Time for another tasting, the 33 Acres of Ocean, a West Coast pale ale. I love the subtle floral and citrus flavours of this beer, it's nice and refreshing. We take a little walk downstairs and can't help but feel like we're walking through the Facility level of golden eye 007 (N64, anyone?) This room is bright and tall and we meet the Dave's. One thing we really love is how involved everyone seems to be. There are two Dave's who are the scientists behind the beer. They craft each batch from start to finish, making sure each step is done to perfection. Most breweries have quite a few people working at separate stations for the different stages of the brewing process. What is unique about 33 acres is that it is just the Daves. This means that each stage is made by and guided to the next step by the same hands. We learned about the brewing process from adding malt, to hops & then the yeast. They even brought out bags of different hops for us to smell! These guys love what they do, and are so passionate about making the perfect beer. It is admirable, and a true art.


Next we get to taste the 33 Acres of Darkness, a schwarzbier, Lindsay's favourite! Which, being the winter seasonal beer isn't going to be around much longer. Their newest addition, 33 Acres of Courage is my favourite! A perfect drink for the changing season. We loved hearing about all the collaborations with local businesses. Their snack menu is made up of local meats, breads, and ice cream. They have a custom ice cream made by Earnest Ice Cream using their beer, and it's SO good! We had a lovely time, it wasn't our first and definitely won't be our last visit, you will certainly find us here for many waffle weekends and in between for late night lagers or for filling up a growler or two!

You can learn more for yourself by checking out their website and follow their beautiful feed on instagram and twitter. We made a little video of our tour of 33, watch it below! 

- Tegan