First day of Spring


I can't even tell you how excited I am that it is indeed the first day of Spring! The sun is out and I am more than glad to see it again. Last night we had a campfire with some friends (post to come). There is something about roasting marshmallows around a fire that makes me very nostalgic of old summer days as a young teenager. I would go down to White Rock beach and climb up the "sand hill" which was a designated secret spot for kids who wanted to light a fire in the forest behind the train tracks without being caught. I bet if you were to think right now about all the times you had at a campfire, you could remember something special about each one. Whether it was a conversation, good company, lots of laughs, tasty treats, sparks putting holes in your sweater, being wrapped in warm blankets, hearing the ocean waves, drinking hot cocoa, or memories of family camping trips, there are always great quality time with friends around a fire. 
Can you guess what our next "month of" is all about?