Hair Tutorial // Mermaid Hair


This is one of my favourite hair styles, it's kind of the grown up version of sleeping with your hair in french braids. It's quick, simple, and the Kevin Murphy kit comes with all the tools you need! 
We did a post a long time ago (see here) and we got, and still get a lot of responses from it, so we thought we would bring it back and give you an instructional video with all the steps! It's super easy to use, and gives you effortless-looking Mary-Kate beach hair, our favourite.
You can usually find this kit at any salon that carries Kevin Murphy products!

Step 1: Apply the Hair Resort spray to slightly damp hair. 

Step 2: Comb through any tangles.

Step 3: Divide hair into four sections. 

Step 4: Attach wave clip to the first section of hair (no higher than the ear, you want the top to be more strait) continue to add the wave clips all the way down that section of hair until you reach the end. Secure ends with a pin clip to the wave clip to keep it from slipping out. 

Step 5: Place the texture net around the wave clips and blow dry on high heat and blow for 5 minutes, then blast with cool air for 1 minute to set the wave. 

Step 6: Remove the clips and repeat steps 4 & 5 with each section. 

Step 7: Spray a bit more hair resort spray throughout your hair and shake out or comb out the waves. Add backcombing for more volume and an extra messy look.