Make Up Tutorial // Dark Winter Lips

Here is a tutorial to get that popular dark winter lip look, using your favourite bright red lipstick that you already have in your make up kit! Zena at The Loft Hair Studio & Beauty Bar showed us this trick when we went in to get some pampering a couple months ago. 

You will need: 
-Red Lipstick
-Brown/Charcoal/Black Pencil Eyeliner
-Chap Stick

1. I always start by moisturizing my lips, apply a matte chap stick and blot on tissue. 
2. Add a layer of concealer. this helps to give your lipstick a base, and creates a "blank canvas" so that you get the lipsticks true colour. 
3. Fill in your lips with the dark eyeliner, then use your finger to blend and harsh lines.
4. Apply your favourite red lipstick on top. You can do a thin layer for darker lips or a thicker red layer for more of a burgundy look. Finish by blotting with tissue, and you're done. 

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