What Lindsay Wore // Wintervacht

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It's hard not to fall completely in love with these amazing WinterVacht coats, I mean, look at it! The detail in these coats is incredible, and they are all so unique. All products are made from second hand materials and handmade in the Netherlands. They are a small company so all their coats are limited, adding to their special and unique quality.

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How beautiful is this Free People dress and scarf? Such an elegant dress, perfect for this Christmas holiday! I fell in love with this scarf seconds after seeing it. It is so soft and cozy, I can't stop wearing it!

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There are so many trains that pass by in White Rock and It was always my dream to go on one. I was finally able to fulfill that dream last week! I rode the Amtrak train from the beautiful Vancouver Central Station all the way to Seattle Kings Station. The station was filled with Christmas Spirit, and whats funny is that there was only one single Christmas tree. It just felt beautiful to me. I finally got excited for Christmas and the rest of the weekend was filled with Christmas songs, chilly weather, big scarves, walking with friends around the city, and we even borrowed a sled and slid down a (somewhat) snowy hill. I highly recommend taking a trip on the train, I was alone and yet enjoyed it so much. It reminded me of my European adventures.