Holiday Hair Tutorial // Bombshell Curls

'Tis the season of fancy hair styles... This is an easy way to get those classic retro bombshell curls with volume at home, that will definitely impress at any christmas party! 

Bombshell Retro Waves Hair Tutorial - Steps.jpg

1. Pin up the top half of your hair leaving down a 1-3 inch row (depending on the thickness of your hair). Start to brush out this section.

2. Using a large barrel curling iron, ( I'm using the Amika Switch Kit with the 1.5" wand -This Curling Iron is amazing, it comes with a 1" wand perfect for doing loose waves, and then you can purchase different wands that will go on to the same base. A great way to build up your collection without having to buy a ton of expensive tools.) Start by wrapping the ends around the wand and securing under the clamp.

3. Roll the iron all the way up to your roots and hold the curl with your finger tips while it is wrapped around wand. Once it is warm all the way to the outsides of the curl you can gently pull the wand out holding the curl in place. 

4. Use a clip to secure the curl to the base. Continue these steps with each layer. 

5. Once you get to the bang section, follow the same steps but directing the curl backwards away from your face. Pin the curl directly on top of the curls base, this will give you volume up front. 

Wait for your curls to cool, this is very important for setting the curls! Go do your make up, paint your nails, pick your shoes... 

Once the curls have cooled, remove the pins and brush out the curls. You can brush them out as much as you want. If you are looking for a more retro tight waves look, then just lightly brush them once, if you want it to look like a loose blow out then brush away until you have your desired look. Finish it with hairspray. Ta-Da! 

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