Top Knot Goods

Favourite Christmas:
Movie: Home Alone, hands down.
Drink: Oh man, Eggnog. I get SO excited when December rolls around and eggnog is in abundance. I love pouring it in my coffee, mmm!
Craft: I have always loved making different sparkly crafts to put out around Christmas, I change it up every year, but there is never a shortage of sparkles.
Album: The classic Bing Crosby Christmas album, She & Him Christmas, I also really enjoy some of Sufjan Stevens Christmas albums!
Baking: Sugar cookies! My favourite part of the process is getting to eat the cookie dough, I actually like it way better than the actual cookies.

Favourite Christmas:
Movie: The Family Stone - Oh, I could cry just thinking about it. Warms my heart, we watch it every Christmas eve. 
Drink: Apple Cider. Mmmm! 
Craft: Wrapping presents is always fun for me.. My presents sit unwrapped for a couple weeks until I decide on the years "wrapping theme". It's still undecided this year. 

Album: Well of course She & Him, also Kings Kaleidoscope.. Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, and dare I say... 98 Degrees. 
Baking: One of my annual baking day staples is chocolate dipped pretzels, simple, but always a crowd pleaser. Unfortunately mine didn't make it to any crowds this year... I work from home and the fridge just calls my name sometimes. 

Favourite Christmas:
Miracle on 34 Street
Drink: Eggnog Hot Chocolate
Craft: Wreath Making
Album: Bing Crosby! We have the White Christmas cassette tape and play it in our car all December! So good.
Baking: Shortbread, or Pfeffernüsse

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