A Month Of Gentlemen // Grooming

Who doesn't like a good grooming? I mean, the ladies appreciate it, don't we ladies ;) ? 
Guys, here are some manly products to make you smell and feel oh so good.

Check them out below! 

1. Cedar Soap MMMM This Cedar soap is so great 

2. Commodity Goods "Gold" Cologne This cologne smells AMAZING. We tried all the samples from Commodity Goods and this was the winner, Tegan's husband Dan is in love with it. 

3. "Get It Together" Brass Comb Every man needs  a good comb, am I right? Get it together boys ;) 

4. Ivory Safety Razor Classic 3 piece safety razor

5. Beard Oils These beard oils with glass droppers come in a beautiful wooden cigar box

6. Natural Hair Powder "Bergamot" This natural hair powder helps your hair look fresh and clean - sometimes its okay to skip the shower ;) 

7. Coffee Clean Scrub Bar Our friend makes this incredible organic exfoliating coffee scrub bar with coffee grounds. Smells so good.

8. Men's Pomade Slick back your doo with this men's Pomade! Smells delicious. 

9. Game Face Moisturizer Moisturize your face - Light on the skin and easily absorbed - keep your skin hydrated and FRESH.