Temper Brand


We LOVE Temper Brand. A good friend of mine Jesse Morrow and his business partner Anna Mischke created this awesome jewelry company about a year ago on Jesse's trip to Cambodia (Which is where Anna lives, and the jewelry is made) 

All jewelry is designed by Jesse and Anna, and made up of old bullet casings and bombshells and are reworked into these beautiful pieces by artisans working for a fair-trade organization in Phnom Phen, Cambodia.


What I love most about Temper Brand is how simple and delicate their designs are. They seem to say it best -

"Making a statement does not always have to be done loudly; many important things are small, quiet, and often unnoticed. The vision behind TEMPER is the blending of our states of mind, the inherent degree of give in our raw materials, and our experience of integrating and accepting our emotions and personal sense of style.
Each TEMPER design is influenced by something that we see around us in our daily lives, whether a smile or bones at a museum from the regime of Pol Pot in Cambodia, a raindrop on the windshield, or a tear on the face of a loved one. They are meant to be simple reminders of the moments that move us, the people that change us, the stories that have yet to be told, and the things waiting to be discovered."

Temper Brand is giving away these amazing pieces of jewelry TODAY!! Head to our Giveaway page by clicking HERE - and enter to win both these pieces! 

Also, Check out their new Kitten Ring, isn't it adorable??  

We are in love.

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