Happy New Year!

The countdown is getting closer! Happy New Year to all of you, we hope you have a great night celebrating with friends, family, or wherever you end up! We thought it would be fun to do a little yearly recap on our favourite posts, so here we go a reminiscing again ;) Thanks for being a part of this year with us! 
XO Tegan, Bethany & Lindsay

2014 Favourites 

Bethany // 

2014 was definitely the biggest year yet for us, so much happened, for Treasures & Travels and in our lives. So many new adventures, ideas, and collaborations that really pushed us to take the blog to a different level. Thinking back on this year there are so many life experiences we got to have because of the T&T, going on some awesome trips during A Month of Escape, and spending mornings "working" at the ocean for A Month of beaches. One my favourite days in the summer was our Ice Cream Party in the studio, it was one of the hottest days of the summer and we we're all dying of heat but it was so much fun shovelling our faces full with sweet girls all afternoon.

Hair Tutorials are always my favourite posts to share, the bridal hair tutorial that we did one Lindsay was so fun because we just made it up in the studio before doing the photos and I was so excited about how it turned out. It always fun to just be creative and see where it goes. Lipstick comparison days were also always fun because it felt like we just got to play make up with each other. 

We also tried out some delllisshhhhh recipes this year, my favourite was the waffle iron hashbrowns, I still daydream about those. And those oreo s'mores were amazing, it was so fun roasting those on the fire with friends for our A Month of Adventure post in the backyard of our studio. 

Basically there were too many good times and posts to list them all, Thanks for making this the best year yet by being supportive and following along. 

Lindsay // 

WOW. What a crazy year we had. I am so grateful for Tegan and Bethany and the amazing people they are. I feel very honoured to have been able to work with them throughout 2014. We had some great times. My favourite memory would be driving through Washington on our little road trip in the cutest trailer. Our " A Month Of Escape " was my favourite because of all the fun adventures we got to enjoy together. This year I moved into the same apartment building as Tegan! Once in a while, before we headed to White Rock to work at the studio with Bethany, we would take a walk and take photos in our beautiful neighbourhood like this style post with these incredible yellow trees! Vancouver is so beautiful in Spring and Summer and we are so lucky to have such an amazing place to take photos.

One of my favourite Vancouver photo shoots was when our best friend Kirsten Berlie took photos of Tegan, Bethany and I at Wreck Beach, you can see the photos here!  Kir actually got married last summer and we were all her bridesmaids, and we used this past hair tutorial of the chunky side braid (my favourite) for my bridesmaid hair. I am very grateful for our studio space in White Rock. It was fun creating our studio space and having a place to do fun DIY's like this Ikea Hack Table. Many great memories like our Easter Tea Party!!  Such a lovely time with incredible ladies.  

What a great year!! Can't wait for what 2015 will hold. 

Tegan //

I really don't know where this year went, it feels like I was just writing a similar update post for 2014! But looking through the posts from this past year, it's amazing how much has happened, and those January posts feel like they were so long ago! I'm so grateful for how much we've accomplished this year and it's been so amazing working with Linds and Bethy and making so many fun memories. My favourite Month Of, was September's "A Month of Escape," hands down. Going up to Whistler for the week and just spending a few days relaxing, exploring, eating, it was so fun. Going Glamping with Free People was a bit of a dream come true, such a fun experience!

My favourite studio days were always when we did recipes! The Chia Seed Pudding has become a staple food for me, as well as these lime chicken tacos. One of my favourite mornings was when we had the picnic in the park with some of our best friends! Such a beautiful day, I loved doing A Month of Breakfast, these waffles were SO good, so many yummy meals on those blog days! 

My favourite hair tutorial was the simple french roll, (also, I love Lindsay's blonde hair!) It was so amazing having the Studio this year, it really helped us focus and was so great to have a place to escape the city and work at. My favourite set up was our Fall studio makeover, that weaving is just so great and completely transformed our space. 

A Month of Beaches was so fun, I had never been to Centennial Beach before, it was definitely my favourite style post. I'm excited to spend more Summer days here next year in my own little beach hut! 

Thank you so much for following along, we appreciate every comment, message, and email so much, we are so excited for what this next year will bring!