Home For The Holidays with Teva


This week was a very Christmassy one! Lindsay moved back into her apartment (did you know we live in the same apartment building!?) SO fun. We decided to head to Le Marche St. George on Tuesday morning and grab a coffee and pick up a Christmas tree! I woke up to torrential rain, and a text from my husband saying his umbrella kept flipping inside out it was so windy while walking to work. So perfect for taking photos...not. We decided to brave it anyway and so we headed to Le Marche in the rain. As soon as we parked the car the rain stopped, hallelujah, but, there weren't any beautiful Christmas trees outside! I was hoping to get my tree, last year when I had come by there were the most beautiful trees to choose from all lying beside the shop. Crap. 

So we order our coffee and sit down, and the SUN starts shining, it was so beautiful, it's been raining for weeks, and the sun came out! Moments later, a truck pulled up, and the back of it was full of Christmas trees! Just cut fresh this morning. Amazing. I got my tree, enjoyed a bit of sunshine and we went about our day! 
- Tegan

We have been working on this fun campaign with Teva called "Home for the Holidays!" You can watch our fun little Christmassy video posted above. We've been pinning and will be pinning this weekend some of our Holiday inspiration photos, some we shot, and some we love, over on Pinterest, if you're on it, follow along in the fun and get some pinspiration! (click here)