Holiday Makeup Tutorial

I in no way claim to be any sort of make up artist, I like to keep it to a minimum, but this time of year with lots of Holiday parties, it's fun to kick it up a notch and go for a bolder, more dramatic look! This is my go-to Holiday look, I've found it to be quite fool proof, and you don't need too many products to achieve this look!

1. Start with coverup and foundation as you normally would.
2. I found this trick watching a youtube tutorial a while back and it actually works so well! Take a piece of scotch tape and place it underneath your eyelid going toward your hairline in the direction you would like your eyeliner to go.
3. I start my lids off using Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Sparkling Champagne, completely covering them up to my brow.
4. Using an angled firm brush apply a black powder in a < > shape, I used "Corrupted" Mineral eye pigment by Younique, and it blended so well.
5. Next, take a softer brush and blend that black inward and really working in into the natural crease above your eyelid.
6. Remove the tape! Oh so clean for a rookie like me ;)

7/8. This part isn't crucial, but I find it softens the whole look and gives it that Holiday shimmery feel. I used "Curious" mineral eye pigment, and gently applied it over my whole eyelid, working it into the inside and underneath as well. I also mixed it with my blush to give an all over subtle shimmer. 
9. Line your eyes with a liquid liner, going just past your eyelid. (this is my go to).
10. Using the same angled brush, blend the eyeliner giving it a bit of a smokey look, so you lose the defined line.
11/12. Curl them lashes and apply mascara. If you want your mind to be blown, try this mascara by Younique. It's perfect for dramatic lashes, it is actually crazy to see how this stuff works, you apply the gel before, and then the fibers, which thicken and lengthen your lashes like crazy! It's a lot of fun, and perfect for the Holidays!

Either keep your lips a pale pink or nude or go for a deep red!