Hair Tutorial // Messy Fishtail

Braids are my favourite alternative to wearing my hair down, so I always trying to think of new ways to make them unique. Here is a messy boho style fishtail braid, that you can just have fun with and try different things to make it personal and look best for your own hair. 

1. Start with a loose fishtail braid, tutorial here. Leaving a large bangs section out. 
2. Take a piece of those bangs, bring them back and wrap them around the base of the braid. Securing the ends with a bobby pin, hidden below the braid. 
4.  Add an elastic band halfway down the braid, and at the end of the braid. This is to help you get a "bubble" look. See example here.
5. Pull a strand out of the braid, just above the first elastic. Use this strand to wrap around the elastic to hide it. Tuck the ends of the strand into the elastic on the underneath of the braid. 
6. Repeat this step with the second elastic. 
7. Tug, and loosen the hair above the first elastic, don't be afraid to pull hard and make it really loose and messy looking. 
8. Repeat this step above the bottom elastic. 

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