A Month of Nesting // Fall Home Lighting

Both spring & fall are the times of year that I itch to change things up inside the house. I never know quite what it is that doesn't feel right, but I know something needs fixing. One of the things I find affects the feel of our home the most is the lighting. This time of year the sun is hiding behind the trees much earlier  and we need that extra bit of light come 5 o'clock. Since I am not a fan of fluorescent bulbs or any overly artificial lighting, I knew I needed to switch up the lighting options so that I don't feel like I'm living in a cave.  

Now that patio season is over we brought in the string lights to hang in the living room (Notice these are string lights with round bulbs, big difference from christmas lights). We strung the lights close to the ceiling because it draws the eyes up and make the room feel bigger and brighter. You can purchase string lights at most hardware stores or on etsy. 

Change your home lighting for Fall DIY-14.jpg

Candles! Yay for candle season (Not that I don't cover my house with them year round anyway). Simple touches like pretty candles make the room feel extra moody and cozy. We are currently in love with our locally made coconut wax candles from Woodlot, they are delicious. 

Change your home lighting for Fall DIY-14.jpg

Lastly, we did an easy and quick DIY to change up a ceiling pendant light to a more minimal/industrial look. This DIY starts with a FILLSTA lamp from Ikea, but you can use any pendant lamp that is already in your home or purchase a simple base & cord set. 


Step 1: Remove the shade. 
Step 2: Separate the strands of the rope at one end and wrap them around the top of the pendant cord.
Step 3: Continue to separate the strands and wrap them around the cord. View our Rope Christmas Lights DIY Video to see the technique. **You can also do this technique with the string lights shown at the top of the post. 
Step 4: When you reach the bottom of the cord tie the rope in a knot and pull tight.
Step 5: Use a serrated knife to cut off excess rope.
Step 6: Screw in a vintage style Edison Bulb.

If you try this DIY show us by using the hashtag #tandtonme

These three simple steps to change the lighting in my family room made a HUGE difference. It's brighter because of the string lights but even though its actually brighter it feels much warmer and cozier then before!