Recipe // Ramblin Rose Cafe

You need to check out and follow Ramblin Rose Cafe! These two sisters are based out of Salt Lake City, selling tea & toast out of their '67 camper trailer. Read along on their adventures here ! 

Here's a fun recipe from the Ramblin Rose ladies! 

// We love toast. We sell seasonal toasts from our 1967 camper trailer, Rose, during the summer months. We also love tea, especially the two together.

Tea & toast is a daily ritual we picked up while living in the UK. A whistling kettle was often on the stovetop for the next cuppa. Enjoying a cuppa tea or joe is a lovely ritual to make apart of your life. A much needed moment to take the day in, before it has come and gone.


You'll need..
(serves two)

• 2 slices of good bread
• Goat cheese (we used Cypress     Grove's Purple Haze with lavender and fennel pollen)
• 2 plums
• 1 pomegranate
• Raw honey, to drizzle
• 1 bar of good chocolate (we used Theo's 70% almond and sea salt)
• Pinch of flakey sea salt


To do..

• Toast bread till golden, then smear with goat cheese.
• Slice plums in half, removing pit.
• Slice each half into wedges & fan on top of goat cheese.
• Cut pomegranate in half and hit the backside with a spoon over a bowl to release pomegranate seeds.
• Sprinkle pomegranate seeds on top of plums.
• Drizzle with honey.
• Finish with chocolate shavings & a sprinkle if sea salt. Shave chocolate with a veggie peeler or a small sharp knife, by angling the blade at 45 degrees and pushing it along the side of the bar of chocolate. Always with the blade going away from you.

Bring a kettle to a boil, steep your tea (we used a hibiscus blackberry) & enjoy with your plum toast.

Rock n' Ramble

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Try making your own loose leaf tea! 

You will need: Loose leaf tea, strainer, water, kettle &    your favourite mug.