A Month of Nesting // 3 Ways to Organize your Bathroom

As girls, naturally, our bathrooms can turn into a little bit of a disaster... and by a little bit I mean that I literally once had cops walk through my house after our alarm going off and they thought our bathroom was ransacked. Soooo I would love to help you avoid that embarrassing situation and share a few practical ways to keep your bathroom well organized. 

Under the sink //
Using a tension rod underneath the sink gives you a spot to hang cleaning products and free up some space on the shelf. You can purchase one of these at most hardware or department stores, here is a link to one

Our wire basket DIY is the perfect toilet paper holder, take a look at the post here. 

Make Up Drawer //
Use a utensil drawer organizer to put your make up and brushes in. Goodbye powder filled make up bag, and hello clean make up artist drawer. Ikea has one for $2.99, do yourself a favour. 

Tool Rack // 
Mounting a magnetic strip on the wall or inside a cupboard board will keep you from digging through the bottom of every purse trying to find a loose bobby pin. Such a convenient way to keep track of all those little tools that get lost in the bottom of a drawer so easily. Here is a link to one.

Do you have any other practical tips for keeping your house organized? Comment below, we'd love to know!

Ice Cream Cone decals from Urban Walls.