A Month of Nesting // 3 Ways to Decorate your Fireplace

Whether you have an old fireplace that goes unused or a faux apartment mantle there are so many things that you can do with it! Here a few ways that we styled ours to feel trendy, clean, and cozy for fall. 

Coffee Table Books & Plants //
A trendy, and clean way to fill the fireplace. Stack up a variety of thick coffee table books, keep your stacks at different heights.  Add a potted plant or cactus that will fill most of the space so that your display doesn't look "weak", along with some low maintenance air plants. 

Links to some favourite coffee table books:

Pillar Candles //
This is a classy, elegant and tidy look for the fireplace. You can still have it filled with light in the evening to create a cozy area to curl up by. Use large pillar candles in various heights keeping them in groupings of 3 (most decor works best in odd numbers). You can use a upside down water glass to create more variation in height. 

Sheepskin & Firewood //
A cozier and cleaner take on the classic mound of chopped wood. Let a sheepskin flow out of the fireplace, and keep your firewood in a wood or magazine rack. This is a metal magazine rack that I found for a few dollars at a thrift store and spray painted it white. Firewood is easy to find for free on craigslist or can be bought at most grocery stores.

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