A week of no washing // Lindsay

I have always pushed the limit when it comes to washing my hair, I wait until the last day possible because honestly, my hair is a pain in the butt! I have extremely thick, really dry hair, so it is probably easier for me to go a few more days than girls with thin and more oily hair. 

The products I hold most dear to my hair are: 

1. Pink House Natural Solutions Dry Shampoo - I have tried so many dry shampoos! It all started in grade 11 when I was going on a school trip to Guatemala, my friend suggested dry shampoo and I was STUNNED. I couldn't believe how amazing it worked. It dries up the oils in your hair to make it last a couple more days, keeps it looking fresh and smelling clean! This dry shampoo is the best I have tried, it lasts WAY longer than any hair salon dry shampoo and it is the same price. (You can order it online!) There is one for blondes & brunettes! 
2. Silver/Purple Shampoo - Ever since I have been a blonde I have been so excited to get my hair to that blonde greyish-ashy colour. A girl walked into my cafe with purple hair, and she said all she used was silver shampoo! You can have your hair blonde, ashy blonde, greyish blonde, or ashy purple just by the amount of time you leave this shampoo in your hair! My hair was pretty yellowish blonde, and I kept the shampoo on for 30 minutes, it was ashy and had a tint of purple by time I washed it out, it was incredible! *tutorial to come! It is so much fun, and so easy to control the colour of your blonde hair.
2. Purple conditioner - I use John Frieda "Sheer blonde." My hair is so dry, and especially with bleaching it so many times, my hair needs this conditioner. Without it my hair would be so frizzy, dry, and I would constantly look like I was recently electrocuted. 


I always wash my hair at night and let it air-dry,  I never blow-dry my hair. I have such thick dry hair that when I blow dry it, my hair just explodes into a giant puff ball. So, I try to avoid that. In the morning I put on a heat protection serum by Matrix. This smooths my hair and protects it from the heat of my straightener. I then straighten my hair, and on the first day I usually wear it half up because pulling it back usually flattens my hair. If I wear it completely strait when I first straighten it, by the end of the day my hair ends up being slightly crazy and poofy again.


Day two is usually when I am able to wear my hair down, I have slept on it once, so it has been a bit flattened. I usually add a bit of Vitamin C mist, a bit more of the serum, or Moroccan oil (as long as I don't plan on using the straightener again until next wash).


I like to pull back my hair and try and do some funky twists or braids. Have some fun with it! Day three is when my bangs start to get a bit greasy so I add dry shampoo to them the night before and a bit in the morning if needed. Rub it in real good and it looks as fresh as day one! 


Pony time! Since I have such dry thick hair, I usually wait a few days before I put it up in a pony because by then my hair is more smooth and flat. I add a bit of dry shampoo to my roots on day 4. I have been so excited to wear it in a pony lately because it is long enough to look like more than straw coming out of a scarecrows arm, just sticking strait out. Now I am able to pony-it and usually wear it to the side for fun. Messy pony's are my fav. 


Day five is most likely when I throw it all up in a bun. Add lots of dry shampoo to my bangs and roots, and WHO KNOWS if it works real good, I could even go an extra day! Once I wore my hair in the same bun for 6 days strait. It was wonderful, but a complete disaster when I pried it out of the elastic.

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