DIY // Matchstick Wall Art


This was such a fun DIY to do and we love the result! Such a unique piece of Navajo style art that will strike up conversation (pun definitely intended...) once people get close enough to tell that it's made of burnt matches. 

What you will need:

4 printed copies of our downloadable template (Click here to download) 

White Glue

Piece of Cardboard

Approx. 300 wood matches



Step One: Strike, burn, and blow out approximately 300 matches. You're definitely going to want to strike as many as you can at once, you also may want to do this step outside or by a window. 


Step Two: Print off 4 copies of our template and cut them out. 


Step Three: Glue template to a piece of cardboard 


Step Four: Cut off excess cardboard. 


Step Five: Draw a line of white glue along the dotted lines, lay down two matches on each line start with the non-burnt end at the center of the "star" working outward. 


Step Six: Cover Section A with white glue. Lay down matches in Section A working from the center outward with the non burnt ends closest to the center of the "star". 


Step Seven: Cover Section B with white glue. In the same direction as Step Six lay down matches in Section B. 


Step 8: Cover Section C with white glue. Lay down matches in the opposite direction as the previous 2 steps. 


You did it! Yay! Let the glue dry, then add a hook on the back and display it on your wall.