Show & Tell


Tegan //  Last week some friends of ours took Dan and I out for a chocolate tasting at Xoxolat and it was sooo much fun, we tasted so many different kinds of chocolate from maple caramelized bacon with espresso, lavender, to sour cherry with chili, so many amazing chocolates and we learned all about cacao and cocoa nibs, and so much more... and they have a huge selection of amazing chocolates that are all fair trade and it was just the best, right up dan's and my alley if you know what i mean, we are huge chocoholics! So of course we had to each pick a bar and for me it's sea salt & nibs and chili chocolate for dan! and would you believe me if I told you this was a week ago and we STILL haven't eaten them!? Waiting for the right moment.. I guess.. plus dan's been away for a week, but still!)


Bethany // The other night I decided to DIY some white onesies I have. I had a packet of black fabric dye so i mixed it together and tried a little ombre dip dye style on them. I'm happy with ho they turned out, and it was super easy! I think I'll buy some more colours, and maybe do it to a few blankets too! 


Lindsay// My band just released our Jailbirds EP! This is the music I just toured around the US playing, and we are very excited about it. You can preview some of the songs and buy it here! :)