Coffee Conversations


Lindsay is back from tour and the three of us are together again, yay!! We're so excited to be able to catch up and get back into it! We've been making a lot of big plans for Treasures & Travels over the summer and now it is the start of putting everything into action. A good feeling to start off the new season of Fall with!  Also, we are thinking of changing up a few of our coffee conversations topics, do you have any suggestions for new ones? 


Lindsay // 

Something New: I am back from tour! It has been so nice to be home the last few days and be catching up with Tegan and Bethany and planning exciting things for the fall! I played my final Vancouver show with Behind Sapphire last night, and it was really a magical night. We played in a beautiful old hall with stained glass windows, and it was there that I played my very first, and last Vancouver show with the boys. I was pretty sad to end our journey, but excited to start new projects with them these next few years. Playing our last show for the tour in Kelowna at the Habitat tonight! 

Something Inspiring: The boys in my band. Being on tour with them this past month has been incredible. I am so sentimental toward them these past few weeks. They have taught me so much, and challenged me so much in my faith. They are men of integrity. They live their lives in a way that is honest, pure, and they are always striving to be the best they can be. They are genuine and so loving to everyone they meet. Joseph has taught me to be passionate without fear of being judged. Matthew has taught me to live a life of honesty, to be brave in trying new things, and to be aware of a good omen. Steven has taught me to take a joke as far as I can even if nobody finds it funny, and to be sensitive toward others and never judge. Grant has taught me to be original, and to always be sincere, to try to live life like a cartoon character, and to not take life too seriously and do things that make you happy and that challenge you. Bengie has taught me to love openly, and to remember to be aware of the Lord's hand in all things and rejoice in it. I am so blessed to call them my best friends, and so inspired by the outlook on life they have given me. 

Something Disturbing: During our tour, at one of our last shows in Alberta I lost my prison suit! Our album is called "Jailbirds" so we found these real vintage prison suits off ebay from the Wisconsin prison and wear them for every show. My mom and I had to make one up really quickly for my last two shows, and we didnt have a needle and thread so we just hot glued the dress together. For some reason I felt the need to tell the crowd while I was on stage that the reason I wasn't sweating as much as the boys were was because If I did, the hot glue would melt and my dress would fall off. 

Something I'm Listening to: Our new EP is out for sale!! You can buy it HERE for itunes :) We are very excited about it. 


Tegan // 

Something New: I started a new part time job last week working with a florist/wedding planner as an assistant, it's been really fun. I've done 2 weddings with her and I've learned so much about flowers and made bouquets and centrepieces, I can't think of a better part time gig for me right now! I love flowers and events so it's right up my alley, plus I get to take home lots of pretty flowers to fill my house which is a very nice bonus, I love fresh flowers.

Something Inspiring: As I'm writing this I'm sitting on my window seat in my kitchen by the window, I was about to write about how 30 minutes ago while I was sitting here I was watching crazy lightening and hearing the loudest thunder I've heard in a long time...I looked outside to check if it was still pouring rain and there is the most beautiful rainbow right out the window on the right, and to the left the most amazing sunset! As cheesy as it sounds it actually took my breath away, so beautiful, the rain has finally slowed down and the sky looks so peaceful, and I can't help but think of how blessed I am.

Something Disturbing: My mum-in-law gave me a box of dad's cookies last time I was at her place and I just opened them, let's just say there is a reason I don't ever buy boxes of cookies! I try to stay away from buying snacks that are junky, and now I know why, I have a limited supply of self-conrol once they're in my house, I have lots of self control when grocery shopping though, so at least I have that going for me! ha!

Something I'm Listening to:  A band called Radical Face that I found while searching for some new music earlier this week on Noisetrade! Whenever I want to try something new but aren't ready to commit to itunes with a new artist I've never heard of I alway check out that site, I've found a lot of cool artists on there! This album "The Family Tree: The Roots" is great, super chill easy listening music! I've had it on repeat all week. 



Bethany // 

Something New: It's Fall. I jumped the gun a few times and then I turned back into Summer. But it is here. I woke up this morning and forgot what it feels like to live in a cold house, I currently have on Wool Socks, and a wool scarf in the house, waiting for David to light the fireplace. Thinking it might be time to go for my 4th Pumpkin Spice Latte this week?

Something Inspiring: David is leaving this today for just a short tour, so I have a week to myself. I try to keep really busy while he is gone otherwise it can feel really long. I always get inspired to start working on something new when I have extra alone time, last time he left I renovated the entire kitchen... I think I'm going to start working on finishing up our bedroom and may start a little bit on the nursery... We'll see! 

Something Disturbing: I just asked David to help me think of something to write for 'something disturbing' and he seemed to have no shortage of ideas.... None of which I am going to share ;) Lets just say Pregnancy has its pros and cons ;)

Something I'm Listening to: This morning David and I laid in bed and sang along to almost the entire Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math record. I know I've mentioned that album before, but I just loovvveeeee it! It was actually kind of strange because we would listen to that album really loud before we lived in this house and we were just in here everyday painting it and ripping out carpet. We felt like we could smell the fresh paint all over again.