Mmm Monday // Squash Hashbrowns


Ok, there's a bit of a funny story with these hashbrowns. Lindsay suggested we make them when we were planning this post because she remembered having yummy squash hashbrowns with a breakfast she had on tour! So we ended up picking up a spaghetti squash for them, which I'll be honest, won't recommend to you! Unless you're  a huge squash lover, they're a bit of a funny texture and flavour, which as we were all eating them, Lindsay says "hmm I've never had squash hashbrowns before...I don't know if I like these," and Bethany and I are confused because she suggested them, and we all figured out that she meant yam hashbrowns, which I make all the time and are was pretty funny.
So what I will suggest to make the best hashbrowns ever, chop up a butternut squash or yam or a mix of both into small cubes. Heat a pan on medium heat, add a few tsp of olive oil, let it heat up for about a minute and then add the yams. Cook them for about 25 minutes mixing them every few minutes so they don't burn, and watch the temperature, if they're cooking too fast, turn it down, the slower you cook them the better (also the more oil, the crispier and delicous they will be, depends how healthy you're feeling!)  After about 10 minutes add some salt and pepper and lots of rosemary, a small squeeze of lemon too will bring out the flavour too.