Show & Tell // Le Marche St. George


// Bethany //  This is Vancouver Island Salt co! They make Sea Salt and a variety of different infused flavours as well, they have perfectly simple packaging. I've never really thought whereabouts my sea salt would come from, so it's cool that it's local and hand crafted!


// Lindsay //  This is an herbal martini mix. I love this because drink mixes are always so syrupy and artificial!  Altar Mixes are made with organic, all natural ingredients, so cool. They're from Portland which is fairly close to Vancouver, and they come in 5 different flavours, they all sound so delicious!


// Tegan //  Oh my goodness I'm a sucker for moccasins and these are BEAUTIES! They had a few different pairs in and every time I'm in Le Marche it seems like they have a new pair, they are so comfy and come in beautiful colours and styles! check out their website I believe they only do custom orders, but hopefully an online store will be up someday!