Coffee Conversations


 // Bethany // 

Something I'm Dreaming: Pretty much everyday I'm dreaming of this winter. I'm SO excited for snow, christmas, parties, cozy nights, and most of all BABY! I think it is going to be a magical winter and I'm excited for all the memories will make this year in anticipation for the baby, and then so many firsts to come once she's here! 

Something I'm Pinning: What am I not pinning.... I'm a little pinterest obsessed. I think I mostly pin clothes because I love to be able to look at my style board when I'm getting to be inspired. But once this time of year comes I get in the mood for dinner parties, either just having a couple friends for dinner, or something big and festive. So I just started a "Party Party" board, and have been adding lots of recipes to my "Yum!" Board. 

How I met Lindsay & Tegan: Lets see... I really have no idea when the FIRST time we met was. We went to high school together. I started at that school in Gr.6 and they were a few grade older than me. Lindsay was friends with my sister, and Tegan was in my sisters now husband's class. So she knew them more than I did and decided to plan a sisters night for us. Tegan and lindsay showed up with stamps on their faces (who knows why! something that now wouldn't even phase me haha) and we made cookies and crafts together! 

Qualities I love about them: These girls are so solid. I love that they love Jesus, have positive attitudes, and are always game for anything! Lindsay will always lighten the mood and make our work days fun, she can find joy in any situation and has more laughter inside of her than anyone I know! Tegan is so hard working, loyal, and creative. Not always the most common combo, Not many people with her creativity can you count on to always follow through. I love that I can work with these girls and call them some of my best friends! 

 // Lindsay // 

Something I'm Dreaming: okay, so I know Tegan and Bethany already talked about this, but I REALLY am dreaming about Christmas so much. I am THAT girl at work who wants to play the holiday tunes in September. (Yikes) I had post-tour blues and then as soon as the weather turned fall-ish and cold, BAM- Christmas thoughts and feelings invaded. There is something about the feeling of fall, and the expectation of Christmas close by that just fills my heart. Every winter seems to have a certain feeling attached, memories that are so sweet and dear to me, I can't help but be happy. I hope the same is for you! If not, make a plan to do things you love this winter, things that make you happy. Also, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.

 Something I'm Pinning: Outrageous Winter coats & Winter Capes . I have way too many oversized coats for the winter time, and I am so excited to bring them out again. Nothing like getting lost in a giant fur coat, walking down the street in the middle of winter. 

How I met Tegan & Bethany: Well, Tegan and I met at my birth- in the hospital. She didn't like me because I was the one who was getting all the attention. We actually have a photo of our family at the hospital bed and Tegan is pouting hardcore, with her arms crossed. Don't worry, she loves me now.
I was actually in the same grade as Bethany's sister and didn't start hanging out with Bethany until after high school. Our first official hangout was going into Vancouver to a We Are the City show. I had never heard of their band, and I found out along the way that she happened to have a crush on the guitar player (who happens to be her husband now ;)) 


Qualities I admire in Tegan & Bethany: Man I love these girls so much, I am proud to say they are my best friends. Bethany has always been someone that I feel so comfortable around. She has a very inviting and warm presence that makes anyone feel welcome and incredibly loved. She is thoughtful, humble, charitable, and is always mindful of Christ in her life. She has been a great friend to me over the past few years. I remember a few years back when David started to pursue Bethany, he would say to me "She's just too cool for me" and I would tell him " No, you just wait and see, once you really get to know her you will see that she has the biggest goofy side" If you have hung out with B you will notice that she has a hilarious sense of humour and is always making people laugh. She is an amazing girl.
It is very rare that someone could call their sister their best friend, but Tegan is just that. She is so kind-hearted and sweet. She is an incredibly loyal friend and is always there to stand by me when I am in need. We have been on many adventures together and I am so proud of who she is. I always have fun when I am around her and even though I embarrass her sometimes in public, we always have good laughs. She is so strong, and her faith is so evident in the way she lives, a faith that cannot be shaken, she is always thinking about the future and how she can live her life to glorify the Lord.. I really look up to her. 


 // Tegan //
Something I'm Dreaming: 
short term, I'm dreaming of December, there are so many exciting things about it that I'm looking forward to, our friend Scott coming from Australia for the entire month, which will involve lots of showing him around the town and hopefully some mini-roadtrips! I'm so excited for winter and christmas this year, I think it's going to be very special, also our family is talking about doing a "make it or thrift it" Christmas, which makes it also more exciting, I'm all about making this over-commercialized season more personal, save a bit of money and get my creative juices flowing! 

 Something I'm Pinning:  This outfit. I'm a bit stuck on my wardrobe lately and pinterest has been helping, this to me is the perfect outfit right now, a cozy cardigan and comfy dress, dark fall colours, I think I'm gonna head to Salvation Army this afternoon and try and get a sweater or two to make my wardrobe feel a little more exciting!

 How I met Lindsay & Bethany: Well, Lindsay is my sister, so we go back about 22 years. When I think about when I first met Bethany, my earliest memory is of her hair. We went to the same high school but I'm a few years ahead, and I remember her perfectly flipped Mary-Kate & Ashley style hair, with lots of layers flipped out drastically. One of the first times we hung out though was at Sasquatch in '09 I think! We all went up with a  big group and camped and had such a fun weekend, discovered feather earrings these really cool hippie girls sold to us, and saw Bon Iver. It was magical.

 Qualities I love about them: Lindsay has fun all the time. I love that about her, she's adventurous and always doing, I admire that because I'm more of a stay at home and watch a movie type person, but when she's around there's always a show to go to or a new cafe to visit. She's also the kindest and most encouraging heart around, she's such a good friend, always has your back and is really generous. Bethany is so creative, I'm always so inspired by her ideas, and love everything she does for this blog and her eye for design! I also love her gentle-spirit, she's so easy going and doesn't let stuff get to her easily, it's inspiring because I feel like I'm a bit of an anxious person sometimes and really appreciate her laid-back personality.