Coffee Conversations


// Tegan  //

Something I'm Reading: I'm reading a book called "Building A Discipling Culture." it's been super challenging and a bit mind-bending in a good way, thinking about the way we as Christians live and share the gospel in the culture we live in today, how the way our minds think differently than they used to by the way technology is today. It's been really amazing to be a part of a group reading this together with Dan and a few people from my church, I love being challenged and growing, it's been very refreshing.

Something I'm Thankful For: I'm incredibly thankful for this amazing city I live in! I had a moment yesterday just walking down Commercial and eating a fresh slice of cheese pizza where I felt so content with living where I am living and excited about this fall and all the exciting things coming up with the blog.

Somewhere I've Been & Love: This may be a bit of a cheap shot, but I'm going to say Perth, I lived there all of last year and I miss it every day. Actually, I really don't think a day goes by where Dan and I don't talk about our friend Scotty or how much we miss our cousins, Oma's spaetzle, or how good Mcdonald's coffee is there, oh Perth, one day I'll come back, I just wish it wasn't so darn expensive.  

Some Product I'm Loving: A few weeks ago I bough a Kiehl's face wash, I've heard amazing things about their products and thought I would give it a try. My face has been the worst it's ever been....ever...not really sure why at 25 it decided to turn against me, but I've really been liking their cleanser, anyone have any skin care recommendations? At this point, I am really open to anything!



// Lindsay  //

Something I'm Watching: We have one episode left to watch of "summer heights high" a hilarious aussi comedy where one man plays three of the main roles: a teenage girl, a drama teacher, and a disruptive/troubled teenage boy. It is hilarious, pretty crude but he is just so good at his different roles it makes it so funny to watch.

Something I'm Thankful For:  My mother. She has just undergone a surgery last week and is recovering so well and is always so positive. She is such an amazing example to me of having hope in The Lord through troubled times, and seeking his will diligently. She is starting up a business making natural products for women and I am so excited and inspired by this new business. So excited to share it with you all when the time comes!

Somewhere I've Been & Love:  Utah. I have been talking about it so much, how beautiful it is. I just got photos developed from tour and I am still in awe of its beauty. I am excited to go back there someday soon and have more time to go exploring with friends.

Some Product I'm Loving:  My mom created this lavender coconut moisturizer and I have been using it every day. It replaces the coconut oil that I have been lathering my skin with which is also amazing.


// Bethany  //

Something I'm Reading: A few of my favourite blogs that I am currently reading are: Bleubird - This was the first blog that I started reading, I can't remember how I stumbled across it but instantly fell in love with it and was so inspired to start blogging. Sincerely Jules - I came across this blog about a year ago when I was trying to decide whether or not to get bangs haha. I found a picture of Jules with bangs, and chopped mine. I then started following regularly and look at her blog and instagram all the time for style inspiration. Design Love Fest - This girl just oozes fun and happiness, I love her design work and her overall aesthetic, I'm currently very inspired by her! 

Something I'm Thankful For: Lately I have just been feeling super thankful for our little family. My husband David, our puppy Sid, and our little girl on the way. I love them so much and I have just been feeling to content to be settled in our home with the person (and dog) that mean everything to me. 

Somewhere I've Been & Love: Wicker Park, Chicago. Not sure why that was first place that came to mind! But we spent a couple hours there last spring when we were on tour with David's band and for some reason I really loved it. We went to Big Star Tacos, probably my favorite restaurant ever. Seriously, if you go to Chicago you have to go to Big Star. Best. Tacos. Ever. There were tons of vintage shops, restaurants, and a donut shop. A tons of people with dogs, maybe it was just a lucky day haha but that definitely made me like it more.

Some Product I'm Loving: I love the Lakme Rinse-Free Instant Conditioner. When my hair is wet it's super tangly and weak, so when I get out of the shower I towel dry my hair then spray the conditioner all through it before I brush it out. Makes brushing so easy! I also use it on all my clients.