Show & Tell


 Lindsay// My friend Claire made me this stationary! She drew it, painted it with water colour, then added golden etches to it. It's beautiful. I love it when people make their own stationary or homemade cards, so personal and creative. You should try it! 


Tegan //  This is one of my many baby plants, I think I've mentioned before my love for succulents and propagation, my house is filling up with baby plants and I love it, I'm finally learning how to properly care for them and not kill them (learned the hard way!) I just find it really relaxing and really enjoy caring for them.


Bethany // My mom bought this Baby Diary for me when I found out that I was pregnant, its so pretty and just filled with blank pages. I wrote in it the first time last week after we picked her name, and first felt her move from the outside. Now she is moving all the time and we can just look at my stomach and watch her wiggle around, so cool! 

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