Coffee Conversations


// Tegan //
Something I'm Watching:  
I just started watching the show "Vikings" yesterday, I've only gotten one episode in, but I'm excited to get into it, Dan's watched a few so I have to catch up! I haven't started a new show in a while I'm excited for this time of year and all the shoes starting up again! New epi's of my favorite shows New Girl, Modern Family and Parenthood! oh yaaa
 Something I'm Eating: Too many cake pops and donuts. We had a bake day on Wednesday and I ate way way way too much sugar! I I woke up feeling it on Thursday and am making an effort to get my eating habits a little better, starting with a break from my morning lattes and regular donuts at 49th parallel,
Something I'm Eyeing: This hat from Anthropologie! Last week someone sent us a link to a few amazing Anthro hats and I can't stop thinking about this one! I think a wool hat like this is the only thing I need this fall, I have one (it's actually Dan's) but it's a bit big for everyday wear, I'm getting a little more confident in it but still feel a little silly wearing a big hat if I'm anywhere indoors and such!
Something I'm Listening To: Last night I went to see the Bethel Music team play at a church down the street from home which was soo much fun. I finally met one of our lovely readers Brielle who recommended Hunter Thompson's album to me a few weeks ago and I ended up buying it and listening to a bit of it last night and looooving it!  I can't wait to hear the rest and know I'll be listening to it a lot more, its so good.


// Lindsay //
Something Inspiring: 
My best dood friend Matt went away this week for 2 years on a mission for his church. We said our goodbyes and it was very sad. He is dedicating every day of the next two years to serving his church, and to do the will of the Lord in his life, and it inspires me incredibly. How beautiful is that commitment and his dedication toward his faith. It has really encouraged me to do more for Christ, act more out of love, and look for more opportunities to serve. 
Something I'm Disturbing:  
This weekend the boys and I get to clean out our band van. Grant ended up picking up three giant plastic bags of fresh deer jerky, made by one of his friends in Alberta. This jerky ended up sitting in our van for weeks, in the heat.. and the insides of the bags became all wet and nasty. They ended up playing lots of games where the loser had to eat a piece of jerky. They smelt like dirty socks, and now our van wreaks of it. GROSS! Am I right?
Something I'm Eating: Peaches peaches so many peaches!! Every day I have been buying peaches and eating them. They are just so fresh and fruity and niceeeee. I have been grilling them at work on our panini griller with honey and cinnamon! yum. Something I'm Eyeing: I have been wanting to buy a pair of Oliver Clark's boots for about a year now. I think the time may have come. Hopefully. One day soon. 


Something New: Currently on the plane to Arizona, woohoo! David just got home from a short tour yesterday and I'm so excited to be off for a week in the hot sun. Our last baby-less vacation (What a crazy thought!)
Something I'm Watching:  
New Girl! I didn't like New Girl at first, I only watched the first two episodes and I thought that it was trying too hard to be funny. But then my friend Kir forced me to keep going and now I love it! In the past few weeks I've watched season 1 & 2 and I'm so excited for season 3 to start this week! 
Something I'm Eating:
 ohhh boy, this will be a good week for food in AZ. We stay in Scottsdale and there's so many amazing restaurants, one of my favourites being True Food! 
Something I'm Eyeing: Bigger clothes! Haha. When you wear mostly tight high waisted denim your wardrobe gets quite minimal when a baby belly appears. I've always been more of shorts and pants person rather than a dress person. So I've been having a hard time trying to find comfortable outfits since my belly has grown, I've been holding out buying anything until this week in the states cause it's so much cheaper. Mamas what were your favs while pregnant? 



*This to die for donut recipe will be on blog this monday!! 

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