Coffee Conversations // Le Marche St. George


// Lindsay //
 Something New: I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND TOMORROW! Man, I can't explain to you how excited I am to go to Disneyland. My childhood was filled with Disney and Tegan and I have been there plenty of times, but the magic is always there. Two of the guys in my band have never been, and this is their first time in California, so I feel like a little girl again, too excited to sleep and to wake up and show them this new world and feel like I'm experiencing it for the first time with them! My favorite ride is definitely Pirates of the Caribbean. What is yours?!
 Something Inspiring: I am reading this book on Galatians, which has been a very cool experience for me. Galatians is a book in the Bible that talks a lot about grace, and dives deep into what that really means within the gospel and how we are to live that out. It has been super enriching and making me aware on how present God is in our lives every day. A quote I read that gave me a new perspective was this: "If the head is above water, it is impossible for the feet to drown" It was then talking about how Christ is the head of the church, and how the church is the body of Christ. Since Christ sits in heaven, and us on earth.. if we are in him, it is impossible for us to drown.
 Something Disturbing: I've had some bad hair-roots issues on this tour so far. Since Bethany is prego, she can't dye hair because of the fumes, so my Mom and sister tried to fix up my roots, but we didn't have time to finish it. My friend Monika sent me off with some toner the day I left, and a couple days ago, Matthew-one of the boys in my band helped my tone my hair. It was outrageous, he was brushing the toner onto my head like a paintbrush on a canvas. My head was a tangled mess, it was outrageous. All my hairdresser friends will be appalled. But you gotta do what you gotta do when you're on tour! You can check out our blog updates and photos of our tour here!
 Something I'm Listening To: In the van we have been listening to a bit of Vampire weekend, and over and over we play "step" Check it out, such a good song.


 // Bethany //
Something New: 
I went thrifting this morning and came with some sweet new-to-me goodies. It was a successful day of treasure hunting... I also found a rug that I'm dying over, but need to go back for the opinion of the hubby before I "splurge" on that one ;) I'll post my finds on my personal blog. OH also, I just thought of another thing to add here... My Mom bought me the Revlon Colorstay Gel-smooth Base Coat because she had been raving about it for months. I finally used it this week, and it really is the best! I have seriously never been able to keep my nail polish from chipping for more than 24 hours, and I'm on day 4 and still going strong. My life is changed haha.

Something Inspiring: Quiet Time. I've had some time to myself over the past few days and it has been really really great. I'm one of those people that needs alone time to recharge. I think I do more ambitious things when I'm alone than when I'm with people. Yesterday I picked fruit, went for an hour long walk, took photos, blogged, and this morning I went into town and walked around through the thrift stores, and I now have a night to myself (David is at a Stag) and I'm actually so excited to just whatever I want! woo! 

Something Disturbing: I am obsessed with Lemonade. I have always been a fan of lemonade on summery occasions, but lately I cannot get enough. Maybe it's a craving? I'm not sure. But I've been making jugs of it, and buying jugs of it. I bought a jug of strawberry lemonade at Trader Joe's yesterday David opened the fridge this morning and pulled out the jug in shock of how much was already gone... woops.

Something I'm Listening To: The new Phoenix album, Bankrupt!, It's great! I saw them perform the entire album before I had actually hear it, and I was sold. They put on an awesome show, such a good band. 


// Tegan // 
 Something New: As I'm writing this I'm about to run out the door and head down to the beach (for the fourth time this week) Eep. I am so privileged that there are so many great beaches so close to me, I mean the water is not always clear but it's the ocean, and I love it. I went for the first time by myself this week and that was a lot of fun, I've never really been one to just go do things by myself, if no one's free I usually just end up staying inside watching netflix or wander around op-shops, but I'm learning how to have fun riding my bike along the sea wall and swimming in the sea all alone, and it's fantastic, I find it to relaxing and I get a lot of thinking done when I just force myself to go on lonely adventures! 

Something Inspiring: So the other night, our friend Dave was showing us his newest instrument/toy purchase, and I was blown away, I full don't understand it and I'm not the type who can sit and actually learn how to use one of these things to it's full potential, but my husband is, and so is Dave, and it was so fun to watch these guys so giddy over this little white box. It was crazy some of the songs he was playing that he made with it, I don't think I could ever figure it out which really inspired me that they were so excited about it! Aaaaaand now it's all Dan talks about, and I need to figure out how to get him one for his birthday, awesome.

Something Disturbing: So there are a lot of strange people in Vancouver, and yesterday when I was at the beach with Kir, there was a guy, he was so strange, and he was pouring bleach on his bum, laying in the sun, smoking, we were a bit disturbed and really don't understand what he was trying to accomplish?  
Something I'm Listening To: 
Rosie June! She opened for a show Dan drummed at a few weeks ago, and all her albums sold out so we never got a chance to take one home with us, but we got our hands on one this week! I love it the more I listen to it, reminds me of a female Maclean band mixed a little bit with Jack's Mannequin, a high school favorite! This girl is a doll, she has a lovely, Ellie Goulding-esque soft voice, and great tunes, check her out here!