Coffee Conversations // Playland


* These photos were taken in June on a Saturday we all spent at Playland with our friend Kir (who also took the wonderful photos, thanks Kir!) Lindsay is still on tour, for only one more week and then we get to be reunited! YAY!


// Bethany // 

Something New:  Maybe my "Something New" category should be changed to "Baby Update"...  If you were excited to escape the mommy blogs, well muahah! ;) There is currently a sealed envelope sitting on my kitchen table with the gender of our baby written in it. I've basically spent my entire day staring at it...David is working from home today so we're waiting until tonight to open it because otherwise he'll be in "work mode" and we wont be able to fully celebrate the news! But frick, I'm anxious!! 

Something Inspiring: I've been pinning like crazy lately. Baby stuff, nursery inspiration, recipes for dinner time, fall outfits, inspiration for our t&t studio... I can't even remember what life was like before Pinterest (well I mean I can, but still). It's so cool to be able to see the work of so many creative people in one place! I'm currently loving the idea of building something like this for a crib. 

Something Disturbing:  Tegan mentioned Miley for something disturbing, which is completely fitting and made me think of this gem... For all you Breaking Bad lovers out there you'll appreciate this. 

Something I'm Listening To: I'm running out of things to say over here lately. I haven't started listening to anything new.. and I'm pretty sure you know all my favourites by now. But at this very moment I am listening to rain, and a snoring puppy. Both things that I really like the sound of. Last night I woke up at about 1am to maybe the loudest rain I've ever heard in my life! It sounded like buckets were being thrown against my window and the was thunder and lightning.... It was quite exciting ;) 


// Tegan // 

Something New: Tomorrow is my last day in my 31 days of dress challenge I brought upon myself! I've been posting photos of my outfit on my personal blog, i'm not exactly sure what to post about now that it's over, if you have any suggestions throw them my way! I'm really excited to not wear this dress, but it has been a really fun and interesting thing to do!

Something Inspiring: I am feeling very excited and inspired about Kalos lately! We've all been apart for a month and have taken a little break from our weekly Kalos days and I'm  really excited for us to jump into this fall with full force! We have a lot of ideas and some fun opportunities coming up and i can't wait to see what the next few months will bring!

Something Disturbing:  I can't think of anything right now that was disturbing this week, so let's just go be totally typical...Miley? I did find this blog post rather interesting...and then it got me thinking about raising kids...eep, I'm not ready, but soooooon enough, I'm so excited for that day (to go on a total tangent!)

Something I'm Listening To: Right now I'm listening to the new John Mayer album and loooving it!! I am a big fan of his last album and this one in my humble opinion is just as good, I love the style, his voice sounds so good, and it's just great easy listening. Ok back to John.



//  Lindsay // 

Something New:  We passed through Utah last week and we got to see some really beautiful sights. We went to Zion National Park and I decided this was definitely going to be a place I go in the future for a classic nerdy family vacation. I am so excited. The small town feel reminded me of a goofy movie for some reason, a light hearted adventure with goofy and his son. I could just picture me and my family suited up with fanny packs, backpacks, binoculars, magnifying glasses and picnic snacks ready for adventures up the winding roads and red rock mountains digging for fossils. It will happen.

Something Inspiring: I am just finishing up on my one month USA tour with my band, and we have made our way to Alberta. I had a whole day off while the boys were off on their own adventure, so I roamed the town and went to a coffee shop and caught up on some reading. I ended up being there for hours and read the book of Galatians. It is a letter that Paul wrote to the early christian church. I have been extremely challenged, like I mentioned last week while reading the book "crazy love" to take my faith more seriously. What am I doing daily to glorify God..? Hourly..?  Are my thoughts glorifying Him? Now, I don't mean to sound preachy, to you or to myself, but I think I am having a bit of a reality check. In Galatians it talks about the liberty we have in Christ, and how we are not justified by the works of the law, but that we shall live by faith and in freedom within Christ's love. It also talks about how we are to "Walk in the Spirit" (Gal 5:16) I have been extremely challenged lately to assess and examine my life (2 Cor 13:5) Now, I'm not talking about simply doing the right things like reading my Bible, Praying enough, doing all the right things, but rather examining my heart. What is first in my heart? What is most important to me? Do I really truly Love Jesus with my whole heart? If I do, do people know? I think that sometimes as Christians, we shy away from "that" conversation because we are afraid of offending, or we assume people don't want to hear it. Be sincere, Pluck out the things that come first in your heart before Christ, and Love genuinely. Examine your heart. This has been my challenge lately. "..Remember that your adoration of Jesus is best shown by your emulation of Him." Russell M. Nelson

Something Disturbing:   A couple days ago the boys and I went to see Wolverine in theaters. We were running late (as usual) and we didnt get to eat our dinner. Our friend had made us this amazing garlic corn on the cob, so the boys stuffed it into plastic ziplocks and threw it in my backpack. We planned to eat it in the theater, but once we got there we realized it would be way to conspicuous. So we ate it in our big white dirty tour van in the parking lot. It was still steaming in my bag, and now my bag has been smelling of corn for dayz.

Something I'm Listening To: So we just finished up our US tour with our new friends Adventure Galley. They are 6 boys from Portland, OR.. and they really became great, great friends of ours. They toured around in a huge, loud, sputtering RV which ended up breaking down the last couple hours of tour. They made it home in one piece! Check out their music HERE, and look for a giveaway this weekend of a tee and some of their tunes! It will make you boogie. Or twerk.